Listings get new Specifications Listings get new Specifications

As promised, hot on the heals of launching, a website dedicated to all things Cars, comes a slew of new specifications that you can select, tick and pick, to help better describe your car, truck, minivan, motorhome, motorcycle, SUV, or car parts listings!


The world runs on data.  And the more specifications that you provide in your listings, the easier it is for users to search for your stuff, find your stuff, and decide that your stuff is the stuff that they want to buy.  So why not make it as easy for them as possible?


While some of the specifications in this first image will look familiar, others have been quite eagerly requested, like: whether the Seller is a Dealer or Individual; or whether the car is US or EU Spec; or what exact Year, Make, Model the car is...
New Cars listing data points

And when you expand the Details and Features sections, you realize that you can add just about every little bell or whistle you might want to mention, from obvious ones like Mileage or Fuel and Transmission Type, to others like Emissions Class and Sticker or specifying whether the car has a DVD Player, Sunroof, or Anti-Lock Brakes...
New Cars listing Details and Features sections

(And of course, if you feel something is missing, please let us know about it!)

What's Next?

For you: If you already have something listed on, you should hop in and Edit that listing to add as many specifications as you can. And if you don't already have something listed on, now is a great time to add something and start taking advantage of these new specifications!  Remember, the more information you provide, the better your listing will appear in search results!

For us: Now that we have launched the dedicated website, and now that we have added all of these extra specifications, our next step will be to add all of these to our Advanced Search form so users can search more granularly, using all the great, specifications you have added to your listings!

So stay tuned, we will be sure to keep you posted.

And as always, if you see something that you think is missing or could be better, we would love to hear from you, be it good, bad, or just a suggestion.

Please let us know what you think by using the comments section below or our contact form.

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