10 Tips for Photographing Your Car to Sell Online

10 Tips for Photographing Your Car to Sell Online

Lots of private sellers and car dealers use The Find-It Guide to sell vehicles online. But some do better than others. Want to know why? Photos! Taking awesome photos really enhances a listing. So here's 10 tips to improve your car listings:

  1. Find a good location with no other vehicles around or oil spills on the ground.
  2. Clean your car inside and out - get the polish out.
  3. Wait for good lighting. Mid-day lighting can be a bit harsh. Morning and evening are ideal, when the sun is golden and you can avoid shadows and glare.
  4. Interiors need natural light to show up the upholstery. Avoid shady spots and allow as much sunlight in as possible.
  5. Fill the frame with the car, not the background. Your car is the star! Crop images to just around the car if necessary before you upload.
  6. Have you thought about making a quick video while you are shooting? Walk around the car holding your camera steady. It will give a great impression of the vehicle and really enhance your listing. 
  7. Take pictures of the whole car from every angle, including any marks or damage that you describe in your ad.
  8. Consider using a tripod to get sharp, in-focus shots.
  9. Get down on your knees and find interesting/dramatic angles to make your car look as appealing as possible.
  10. Make the first image the 'money shot'. Your best full view of the car that fills the frame.

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