10 dos and don’ts for your Facebook business page

10 dos and don’ts for your Facebook business page

Facebook can be a good opportunity to promote your business, get in closer contact with your customers and gain new ones. Thanks to its large fanbase, Facebook has great potential to function as an advertising platform. Posting on a business profile, however, differs from posting on a personal account.

To help you have more success with your business page and gain new followers, we have collected 10 dos and don’ts for effective Facebook marketing.

Do:  Choose an expressive profile picture 
Your profile picture shows your fans who you are. Pick a photo of your logo or yourself, in case you work independently. Keep in mind that this photo will be used as your thumbnail, whenever you post or comment on something..

Don't:  Leave blank spaces in company details
When a user visits your page for the first time, he is looking to find out who you are and what you do. Make sure to provide all important details regarding your company.

Do:  Frequently update your cover photo 
Use your cover photo to point to your new advertising campaigns, upcoming events or current happenings.

Don't:  Publish plain text posts
Statistics reveal that posts containing videos and photos are looked at 90% more often than those without the use of visual media.

Do:  Analyse insight statistics
Pay attention to your fans’ online behavior. What time of day do your posts get the most views, shares, likes or comments? Are there times when you barely get a response? Adjust your schedule accordingly.

Don't:  Post too often
Do not overwhelm your fans with too many posts. Choose quality over quantity and post content they care about.  

Do:  Promote your site with paid ads
Frequently promote your business with the help of paid ads. Accentuate single, popular posts for more outreach and connect with more potential followers or clients.

Don't:  Delay reacting to feedback
Reply to comments and questions as quickly as possible. By ignoring or deleting positive and negative feedback, you can easily anger your fans.

Do:  Comment on other businesses’ posts
Like and follow other business pages and frequently comment on their posts. Point to your own site with expressive feedback. Put effort into what you write and react to the individual post rather than simply writing ‘great’ or ‘well done’.

Don't:  Only post ads
Find your balance between promoting your business and entertainment. Do not overwhelm your fans with ads. Publish content about your company’s industry or publish other sites’ information. Your fans will notice that your primary interest is not your own service.

Successful social media marketing requires effort and time. The challenge lies in tying your fans to your business and turning them into becoming long-term customers. 

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