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Check out all the great stuff the military community has to offer.  People just like yourself selling used items, businesses offering great services, job listings, places to live and great deals from local establishments.  It's all here!

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Connect with the person selling that great item you are looking for or the great restaurant you heard about.  The great thing is you are dealing with people in the local area.  They might be American Military stationed in German who have lived in the area for years or someone out there in cyberspace.  The business you will be contacting is used to dealing with Americans. 

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Finding exactly what you are looking for is a great feeling.  Once you get that great item, you will walk away happy!

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What Makes Our Site So Great?

  • We review all ads and listings to keep you safe
  • We have invested in the latest security firewalls and software to keep your infromation safe
  • You don't have to have an account to contact someone about an item you are interested in (Just send them a message)
  • Great Business Listing profile page for better exposure of your business (stand out from the crowd)
  • Great pricing!  Promote your stuff on a budget!

What is The Find-It Guide?

The the find-it guides is your online source for business listings and classified ads in the military community. Placing your ad on Find-It Guide lets you reach website visitors and newspaper readers across Germany. In addition to a full listing on the website, a text based ad will also appear in your choice of our printed papers in the KMC, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden (as space is available).

Where will my ad be published?

When you place your ad, your ad is published in the KMC, Wiesbaden or Stuttgart areas. All ads will also appear on the Find-It Guide website. We have many advertising categories available online to make it easier for end users to find exactly what they are looking for. In the newspapers, however, space is limited for various reasons. Therefore, if you place an ad in the newspaper, your classified ad will be placed in the most appropriate category available in the newspaper.

How Long Will My Ad Run?

You classified ad will run until you either select "No" on the Publish option for that ad or when you Delete it from your Dashboard.

What is the Kaiserslautern American?

The Kaiserslautern American is one of the most important publications for the military community in Germany. It covers the areas of Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Vogelweh, Landstuhl and Baumholder. It is distributed each Friday with a circulation of 18,000 copies distributed on base and online at

What is the Herald Union?

The Herald Union is a bi-weekly paper published Thursdays in uneven calendar weeks. The Circulation is 7,000 copies which are distributed to Wiesbaden military communities and available online at

What is the Stuttgart Citizen?

The Citizen is a bi-weekly paper published Thursdays in even calendar weeks. The Circulation is 7,000 copies which are distributed to the Stuttgart military community and available online at

How do I place an ad?

You are free to place ads on the website at anytime and pricing is list Website Pricing.  If you would like the Advantipro staff to place and manage the ad for you, please contact us at +49-631-30 33 55 31 or fill out the contact form.  Pricing for Advantipro staff to manage your ad are different than website pricing.  Prices are as follows for Advantipro to manage your classified ad.

Classified ads are charged as follows:

  • Print Ad
    • €12 for 3 Lines (up to 90 characters)
    • €2.50 each additional line (up to 30 characters)
    • Max of 720 characters/24 lines in print
  • Online Ad
    • Unlimited text
    • 5 – 10 photos per ad 

When is the deadline for publication?

The publication deadline for the Herald Union and the Stuttgart Citizen is Monday by 12:00 noon. For the Kaiserslautern American it Tuesday by 12:00 noon.
No changes or cancellations can be made to ads after this time.

How long is my ad valid for?

For Advantipro managed ads, your online ad is valid depending on the duration you have chosen when booking the ad.  If you manage your own ad on the website, it will remain there until you take it down.

How do I cancel my ad?

For Advantipro managed ads, if you would like to cancel your ad, please call +49-0631-30 33 55 31 or fill out the contact form. Please note, if you cancel your ad after the publication deadline (Friday at noon) we are unable to delete your ad from the respective area newspaper. However, we can remove your ad from the Find-It Guide website immediately. There are no refunds for commercial ads that are placed and then canceled.

Will I incur cancellation fees?

You will not receive a refund if you cancel your Advantipro managed ad, but we will remove the ad from the website immediately and from the newspaper in the next publication.

Which listings are prohibited?

  • Anything illegal
  • Fraudulent listings
  • Counterfeit goods including purse and watch replicas. These are illegal and authorities will prosecute.
  • Recalled items
  • MLM, ponzi, affiliate, and phishing-oriented postings
  • Sex-related items (including magazines, videos, photos, devices, etc). Anything inappropriate for a family, community website.
  • Unlicensed childcare providers are not permitted to post their services.
  • Firearms, parts, and ammunition. The only guns that may be listed are those powered by air such as Ball-Bearing/Pellet, Airsoft, and paintball markers – but ONLY where legal. If you are U.S. military living overseas, the SOFA agreement may prohibit. Check your local regulations. No other type of guns may be posted for sale. There are too many local/state/federal laws regulating gun sales and we prefer to err on the side of caution than to allow a member to be arrested for accidentally breaking a law. Additionally, wanted ads for firearms, parts and ammunition may not be posted.
  • Any weapon requiring a permit
  • Stolen items
  • Government-issued military gear
  • Reselling WIC items
  • Reselling coupons is illegal
  • Reselling items obtained for free from a charity organization that prohibits their resale
  • Alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, or other items that require a minimum age to purchase or use legally.
  • Prescription drugs
  • Adoption services
  • Additional site-specific terms and exclusions may apply. When in doubt, contact us.